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About Robert Siedenburg

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Info about Robert

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a chief. I ended up at the culinary school in The Hague and then followed the 'working learning' process there. I turned out to be talented and worked at all levels from pub to Michelin stared restaurants. In my culinary career I have seen almost every corner of the Netherlands.

One of these beautiful places is Amsterdam, where I worked in a leading restaurant in the heyday of Fusion Cuisine. Still a kitchen that inspires me. Of course, not to be confused with the Confusion Cuisine. A kitchen style that I unfortunately encounter all too often! We mix and mix everything together, without knowing and understanding what is happening. Worse......... without tasting what is happening. All this just because chefs want to surprise, renew. What a pity!

The world cuisine is a kitchen style that appeals to me, because it fits so well with our past. We, Dutch, explorers, spice traders. Even at grandma in the kitchen we encounter ingredients from the far east... clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, and so on. Warm exotic flavors that enrich our meals for centuries. And of course I also run warm for all the new influences from all over the world. For example, my weekly tour of my suppliers and not to mention the Haagse Markt is a permanent source of inspiration.

If we have a good culinary basis, we can make very nice combinations in world cuisine, combinations that honor a culture and taste fantastic! But only if we understand what is happening and tasting, tasting, tasting...

In modern cuisine we like to talk about local products. I like to adhere to this method, but what is local? Is the local ly everything about 30 kilometers or as an American chef once pointed out: 'with us, everything is in the perimeter of 650 kilometers locally'? Much more important is it for me to work with as little as possible or actually no waste. Super fresh products that are in season, the so-called no waste principle but also nose to tail. With 30 years of experience in professional kitchens, I really dare to call myself chef tournant and am at every position in your kitchen at home. With my passion, very great culinary knowledge, creativity and passion I love to cook for you and your guests!

I would like to meet you!  

Warm regards, Robert Siedenburg