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  • Planning menus (liaising with you or your guests before the job starts and agreeing menu plans)

  • Managing special dietary requests

  • Agreeing & managing a budget for food

  • Food provisioning/shopping

  • Keeping kitchen/galley spotlessly clean

  • Washing up

  • Adhering to Food Safety Standards and any other relevant codes of practice

  • Emptying rubbish during and at the end of every day


Unless otherwise specified, chef Robert Siedenburg will wear a clean white or black chefs jacket with black trousers and black shoes.


Chef Robert Siedenburg will bring his own knives to a job and for short term jobs on land they will do their best to bring any specific equipment that that they need. However please bear in mind that certain food requests are dependent on certain equipment being available and for short term jobs the chef may not always be able to bring the relevant equipment with them.


Robert Siedenburg will take time to discuss you and your guests specific food likes and dislikes and any dietary requirements. He will then prepare a menu plan in accordance with you and your guests needs. As a Chef de Cuisine, Robert Siedenburg, takes pride in using ingredients that are local and in season. If the chef is given flexibility to use ingredients that he find fresh in the market on that day then often you will end up with some of the best tasting dishes, even if you have not planned for them! Chef Robert Siedenburg recommends the clients discuss and agree a food budget with the chef at the same time as discussing the menus and always in advance or on the first day of the job. For short term jobs he recommends that an allowance for the food should be given to the chef up front and he will keep a record of all food purchases, keeping all receipts. At the end of each week he recommends to run through the balance of the food budget with you (with all receipts present) and that you agree a suitable additional amount for the following week if necessary. Chef Robert Siedenburg should not be expected to pay for food out of his own pocket.


Chef Robert Siedenburg always try to avoid wasting food, however we know that in some circumstances it’s difficult to avoid wastage. He asks that you discuss these sorts of things directly up front so that wherever possible your chef can be creative and resourceful in using up ingredients already available to you.